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Large Pearls
Small White Pearl Flower

Model your own today with our fantastic range of beautiful handmade Cilpsys

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How Do Our Dresses Work?

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Example Dress

All of our dresses and headbands come with clip on sections allowing you to create your own style from our huge range of accessories. Mix and match and swap them around, then Model Your Own creation x

Model My Own® Customisable Clothing and Accessories for girls 3 - 10 years.

Model My Own

Manufactured in Great Britain

Welcome to Model My Own® a place where high quality fashion is our passion but design is ultimately left to you!

With our unique concept you can transform your Model My Own® item to suit any mood or occasion. Whether you like what we have put together in our look book or you prefer to mix it up with a bit of ‘you style’ the possibilities are endless.
Choose from our huge collection of Clipsys™ ranging from Letters to Flowers, Butterflies to Bows, all available for you mix and match

The Clipsys™ are always being added to so make sure you check out our collections here.

New To Model My Own? – see our dresses and headbands and then pick your clipsys™………Have fun x

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